Utah Lake

Utah Lake with my Boys last year.
Yesterday, May 4th was my first sail of the season, it was a warm spring day. The air temperature was in the 70's and the water temperature in Utah lake was 60 degrees.

It was wet suit weather for sure, but we didn't get wet, wet suits were more of a precautionary measure.  If you are wondering when it's time to dawn a wet suit remember the 120 rule. If the water temperature plus the water temperature equals less then 120 you need a wet suit or more.

The wind yesterday was mild and our max speed was just under 7 mph and our averages was much slower. We sailed about 3.4 miles into the middle of Utah lake and turned around and went back. The trip took about 3 hours. I wanted to cross the lake, but the wind wasn't cooperating.  We needed to get home by 5pm, but the wind died and we end paddling a bit. When the wind would move us faster then we could paddle we sailed back.

Overall it was a great relaxing day at the lake and the trip was a great ice breaker from the long winter.


There is a small beach at Utah Lake State park where the boat ramp is, It is man made and not very sandy. On weekends it is very busy. There is another beach on Vineyard Road south of the Lindon Boat Harbor that is accessible as a walk in only, but you couldn't launch a boat there The beach is fenced off, and a man size gate provides access. I'm not aware of any really nice beaches on Utah lake.


The water is warm in the summer. The lake is generally shallow and a bit muddy. They say that when the wind picks up the waves can get quite choppy for a small craft, I've never experience it, but I don't sail there often.  It makes a good location for afternoon sails if you live if the valley.


Like most lakes in Utah , the wind seems to pick up in the afternoon, so my favorite time to sail is between 3pm and 6pm. The last trip I took I got off the water at 5 pm and the wind had just began to blow.


I've never camped at Utah Lake. I know a few years ago they added some additional camp sites at the State park. I like to camp on the beach near my boat so the State Park doesn't offer much in the way of beach camping.



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