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Visiting the Western Islands of French Polynesia

 We left Tahiti after a week or so of boat work, having completed most but not all of the projects we set out to do. We had a long list of repairs that needed to be completed in Tahiti, the most important of which was rebuilding the port transmission.   We enjoyed our time in the city at the marina. It was nice to have unlimited water, walking paths, and parks for the kids and access to food of every shape and kind. However, we didn’t sail 3000 miles across the Pacific Ocean to hang out in the city.  The next stop on our list was the island of Moorea. Moorea is only a few miles from Tahiti. You can see it clearly in the distance.  It only took a few hours to motor to Moorea from the Papeete marina, including a brief stop at the fuel dock.  We anchored just inside the reef at Vaiare Pass in crystal clear water. Vaire Bay is home to a little marina which kindly allowed us to dock our dinghy and walk into the village, which is home to the ferry port and a few stores.  We surveyed the stor

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