Provision for the trip across the Pacific

Embarking on our grand voyage, the preparations for our journey to the Marquise Islands demanded days of our time. We set our course from the charming town of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and before the open sea beckoned, there was a long list of provisions to be meticulously acquired.

Our initial port of call was the colossal Costco store in Cabo San Lucas. We navigated the vast aisles there, stocking our shopping carts to the brim with all the necessities for our impending adventure. When we reached the checkout, our receipt tallied a staggering $400. The return Uber ride to our catamaran was a spectacle in itself, the vehicle teeming with groceries, stacked high and spilling over.

Among our vital supplies was a cache of seawater impellers for our trusty boat's engine. Our determination to be abundantly prepared led us to scour every marine store Cabo had to offer, ensuring we acquired every available seawater impeller.

Clearing out of Cabo was akin to solving a complex puzzle as we made our way to various government offices scattered across town. Customs, port authority, and immigration all held court in their separate edifices. It was a time-consuming endeavor, laden with paperwork and official stamps, yet an essential part of our journey.

Amidst the organized chaos, a moment of celebration pierced through the preparations. Lincoln, a cherished member of our crew, had celebrated his birthday just days before our scheduled departure. Onboard our catamaran, we gathered to exchange stories and laughter, sharing in a birthday celebration at sea.

In the midst of our preparations, serendipity led us to cross paths with fellow mariners residing on another catamaran, the SV Dodo. Hailing from the Netherlands, they shared our passion for exploration and adventure. Spontaneously, we decided to join forces, forming a small flotilla of kindred spirits eager to conquer the open waters together. With our provisions meticulously secured and newfound friends at our side, our catamaran stood ready to set sail, and the Marquise Islands beckoned with the promise of untold adventures.


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