5 Days to Cabo

 We experienced a harrowing night while sailing near Turtle Bay. Strong winds and towering waves relentlessly pursued us during our first multi-night passage. As we attempted to reduce our sails, a disheartening problem emerged: our sea water pump had lost prime, causing our engines to overheat. This left us stranded, facing the headwind and relentless waves.

Amid these challenging conditions, I had no choice but to steer us downwind. It was a daunting task to perform engine repairs in such rough seas. With my head practically upside down in the engine room, I urgently replaced the water impellers and re-primed the pumps. Only then could we turn back into the wind, allowing us to safely reef our sails. This ordeal unfolded perilously close to the rocky shores of the Mexican coastline in the dead of night. Our lack of experience magnified the fear, perhaps the most terrifying moment of our journey. We would later discover that these conditions were a mere blip on the radar. With time and experience, we learned to navigate similar challenges more confidently. It's a reminder that fear often adapts itself to our level of expertise and familiarity.


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