Keeping Your Electronics Dry

My wife and I were looking for a way to keep our cell phones and camera dry while on our sailing adventures in Utah. The Hobie Getaway has some built in storage boxes, but they are not entirely water tight. Most beach cats don't have any storage built into the hulls and so you are limited to stowing items in pockets in the trampoline or tying bags down to the trampoline. In any case you may want to keep you gadgets dry.

A lot of the electronic gear I keep on the boat is water resistant, like my GPS, but I still prefer to keep them somewhat dry.  I looked at waterproof cases online, but they are quite pricey and bulky.

My wife came up with an ingenious, cheap, tough solution for this problem. I keep these two plastic jars in one of the cooler boxes on my boat. One is a mayonnaise jar and the other is a jelly jar. They are both plastic and completely water tight. Before we used them I tested their water seal by submerging them in the sink. Their water seal is perfect.  I prefer the wide mouth lid jar with the blue cap because It is easy to get large items in and out of.

I keep cell phones in one jar with a GPS and wind meter. I keep a camera and tools in the other. I normally also put my cell in a what tight bag so I can use it and not worried about it getting ruined, by boat spray.

Happy Utah Sailing.


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