Sailing Deer Creek Utah

We went up to Deer Creek Reservoir to check out the water early in the year. The kids spent the time hiking along the beach and building bridges out to the trees. The water lever the spring is high.   We took the boat out later in the year to Deer Creek  I thought the sailing was great. The wind blew mostly from the dam, on the south side of the reservoir and we launched our boat from boat ramp Chokecherry Campground.

We stayed on  the lake all day, stopping in the quite times to swim and play in the water. We sailed about 2 and a half miles as the crows fly. I'm sure we actually sailed 4 times that.


There is isn't a great beach for kids to play on. There is a place called Sailboat Beach, that really isn't much of a beach. The day we went sailing, the water had dropped to the point where you couldn't launch the boat from there and the place was packed so you couldn't stake out a spot to picnic.


The wind was consistent for most of the day. Near the end of the day a small storm blew in and forced us to head back to the boat ramp a bit sooner then we had planned. There beach around the dock is steep and all of the boats where rushing to get off of the water. We had a bit of drama with a ski boat who was doing circles around ramp.


The water was cold, maybe in the high 60's.  It's a deep steep beached mountain lake with nice clean water.


There isn't a great place where you can camp next to your beached boat. There are lots of RV camp grounds, best plan to pull your boat off the water for the night. This is a hassle so we normally drive up for the day.


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