Tacking the Hobie Getaway

I've read a few posts and forums threads about tacking a Hobie Getaway. This can be quite tricky for those new to sailing small beach cats. For some time on my 14 I avoided tacking altogether. However, the more I sailed with kids the more I preferred the less violent and more graceful maneuver of tacking.

From what I gather there are two methods two tacking that folks prefer, the key difference being whether or not one makes use of the jib in pulling the boat through the wind. This maneuver is called backwinding, and is my preferred method of tacking on the Getaway, simply because I have more success with it.

Here are some basic tacking steps.

1) Gather boat speed. I do this by bearing off the wind a bit to a reach.

2) Turn in to the wind and sheet in your main sail more and more until you are just about to go into irons. Make a nice smooth and wide. Avoid a sharp tiller movement as this will slow your boat speed. Keep your weight on the boat balanced between, leeward,windward and fore, aft.

3) Un-cleat your main sail just as you approach the close hauled point. If you keep your mail sail cleated, it will act like a whether vain and turn your boat back into the wind.

4) After you have passed through the wind, switch your jib and sheet in your main.  Leaving your jib on the lea ward tack until after you pass through the wind, allows the jib to catch the wind on the opposite tack sooner, pushing the bow of the boat across the tack.


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