Rockport State Park Sailing Report

We intended on sailing at Deer Creek again this Saturday, but we where disappointing to find the parking lot full at the day use area. Instead we continued up the road a bit to Rockport State Park. You can read more about Rockport in one of my previous blogs.

This was our first sailing trip to Rockport but it will not be our last. The weather was overcast and cool. with wind blowing consistently at 10 to 15 mph from the damn on the north side of the lake. The water temperature was warm, but with no sun and consistent breeze it made for a cool trip.

We spent most of the day making quick reaches, zipping across widest part of the lake, which is about a mile when the reservoir is full.

We also had a good time rafting down the little stream at the south end of the lake.  Later in the afternoon, the storm blew in and rain started to fall. The rain blew over quickly and a nice calm sky to pack up under.


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