Deer Creek Consistancy

Saturday made for a perfect day of sailing at Deer Creek. I must say that of all the sailing destinations in Utah, Deer Creek is by far the most consistent as far as predictable wind goes.

Wind blew between 10 to 20 mph all day long. As usual the wind blew from the south, the dam side of the lake, to the North.

Water temperature was a cozy 75 degrees a at the beach. It made for perfect swimming and great sailing.

This was my second time sailing on Deer Creek this year. The water depth has dropped quite a lot since the last trip. At this water level the distance across the lake is just about a mile.  We sailed most of the day and clocked 29 miles on the GPS with a Max speed of 15 mph.

At one point we sailed from island beach day area to Wallsburg Bay which took a great deal of tacking. We planned to stop and swim there, but the bay was crowed and the wind didn't let up.

My intrepid kidos piled in an inflatable raft and made their way across the channel at island at 'island beach'.

 The water was so low, that the island was more of a peninsula, rather then an island. This didn't diminish the trip in their minds at all.

There where a few other sail boats on the lake on saturday, a Prindle, Hobie 16 and a Dingy.  There never enough sailboats out in my mind.


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