Warm Water at Utah's Yuba Reservoir

A friend and I were invited to take the scouts out sailing on Friday. We took two Hobie Getaways down to the west beach on Yuba Lake.

We where reminded that we should have thoroughly check our trailers before we left. My friends trailer
fender came loose flew off narrowly missing our car on the drive to the lake. The fender bracket began to dig into the sidewall of the tire. We made it to a gas station just in time. We where missing the proper size lug wrench to change the tire, luckily the wrench from the other tow vehicle fit the lugs on the trailer. It was a close call, but we got the tire changed and made it to the lake around noon.

The water at the beach was 76 degrees, very warm, obviously it was much cooler in the deeper parts of the lake. The wind usually doesn't pick up until the afternoon at Yuba, as was the case on Friday. That gave us time to set up boats, set up camp and eat a quick lunch.

Our first wind measurements were in the mid twenties with gusts up to 33 mph. This made for some good sailing.

Each boat was loaded with 3 or 4, 14 year old scouts, which is a light load for the Getaway. For most of the afternoon we cursed around at speeds of about 6 to 15 mph.

The wind died in the early evening and we stopped for a dutch oven dinner around 7 pm.  At around 9 pm the wind picked up again and we jumped backed on the boats to pick up an evening sail. A strong breeze started blowing with consistent 30+ mph winds. We cruised at 14 to 18 mph until the the last bits of light disappeared over the hills.

With nightfall, the wind completely died and the night was utterly calm. I rolled my sleeping bag out on the tramp of my Hobie and slept under the full moon of the summer solstice.


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