Sailing Huntington Reservoir Utah

My wife and I have an old broken down house in Emery Utah that we like to visit in the summer. We go there a few weekends a year and enjoy the desert. There are two little reservoirs near Emery that I would like to take my Hobie Getaway sailing on. They are both very small. One is Huntington Reservoir and the other is Millsite near Ferron Utah. Both are state parks in southern Utah.

On memorial day my wife and I drove down to Huntington to see if it was really big enough to sail on. The water area is about 250 some odd acres that is fairly symmetrical. The water was warming up nicely for the spring and the wind in Emery county is always blowing. I didn't have my wind meter with me that day, but a consistent  (i'm guessing) 15+ mph breeze was blowing.

There is a nice beach area that is right next to a very nice grassy picnic and camping area. The day we went the lake was almost empty, one boat was towing skiers.

We are excited to try this lake out and return with a sail report.


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