Delay until 2021

 We purchased Tusitala about one year ago with hopes of leaving to go cruising with our family in 2021. I'm not sure our family or friends really believed that we would pull the anchor and head off into the sunset. Turns out the where right. 

Too much has been said about 2020 and Covid. It's hard to complain about Covid having delayed one's plans to sail around the world, it has caused so much grief for others. I'm grateful that we have weather 2020 much unharmed by Covid. 

Nevertheless, it seemed wise to make the decision to put off our cursing plans for a while. Frankly, 1 year of owning the boat has taught us a lot and we are realizing that we have much more to learn. So our plans are officially delayed at least until 2022 maybe even 2023.

Truthfully it's more difficult than I thought it would be to pull up roots and sail off to the horizon. I have 5 kids who are not super excited to leave their friends and family. We have a comfortable house and neighborhood with friends, that make life safe and predictable. The most difficult thing to leave will be my job. I'm lucky to have a well-paying job that has taken years to build. 

Leaving all of this behind would have been difficult enough. Leaving it all with no certainty of a place to go was too


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