Work load of owning a sailing catamaran

Katie is really getting good at editing. Check out her latest video of our adventures in San Diego:

In this video, we took a quick trip out to the boat to do some work on the big Leopard 43 catamaran. The todo list is long and just seems to get longer. When we got the boat the survey revealed a few problems that needed to be fixed including:

  1. New Main Sheets
  2. 4 New Toilet Pumps (Done $400)
  3. 2 New Exhaust Mixing Elbows ($687)
  4. New Starter Batteries (Done $150)
  5. New House Batteries 
  6. Replace Circut board in Washer Dryer (Done $0)
  7. New Cutless Bearings (Done $2238 )
  8. New Cutless Bearing Housing (Done $755)
  9. New Bottom Paint (Done $1935)

Since then we have discovered that we are going to need to do a lot more and the list is getting longer:

  1. 2 New Clutch Cones for the clutch rebuild ($787)
  2. New Wind Meter
  3. New Hatch Hinges
  4. Spinnaker (Ordered)
  5. New Dinghy Motor
I'm trying to all the work I can do myself to save money. I gotta sail this boat around the world, If I don't It will bankrupt me!


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