Hobie Adventure Island

Well we sold the Open Bic, and replaced it with the Hobie Adventure Island.  The Open Bic was just to small and our kids are getting bigger so we decided to get them the Adventure Island Tandem. Unfortunately we may not be able to keep it either as our HOA is throwing a fit about us having two trailers.

The AI is a fun little boat. It can fit 4 kids as you can see and is easy for them to handle. The sail rolls up making it easy to leave on the beach on an overnight camp out. Set up only takes 5 min, significantly faster to set up than the Hobie Getaway, which takes me 20 min when I'm feeling ambitious. It is too big to car top easily so it requires a second trailer for us to take both boats to the lake. I was hoping to remedy this by building a custom trailer that holds both boats. We will see.

The biggest trick for them is getting the peddles in an out. The DVD that came with the boat said you can leave the mirage dives in when you beach the boat, but we found that was very likely to damage the drives.  So we have the kids pop out the drive when approaching the shore. With a little practice they could install the drives and remove them with no problem.

As far as performance goes the AI is a fun boat. It lacks the speed of the Getaway, On the other hand it is still usable when the wind is dead. It also makes a great fishing platform.


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