Sailing Hobie Getaway out of Long Beach

 We finally decided to take the Hobie out to the Pacific. This is something that I have always wanted to do, but had yet to get around to until this spring break. My family and I actually drive from Utah to California 2 times a year for vacation, but this spring break we decided to tow the boat.

Bring the boat along added a bit more prep time to the trip. I replaced wheel bearings in the trailer, round up some beach wheels and I also decide to replace the standing rigging on the boat for good measure. Perhaps all the preparation paid off as we had no problems with the boat or trailer.

We launched the boat from the Kite Sailing beach near long beach. We used the Claremont Beach Launch which appears to be one of the only beach launches in the area. Here you will find a place to park you truck and trailer, bathrooms, showers, a hose, and a gate that allows you to drive down to the shore where you can drop you boat about 50 yards from the water. I rounded up a set of beach wheels, which are a must have for toting your cat down to the water. Parking cost about 12 bucks.

The Kite Surfing Beach is an absolute mess. LA beaches are not that great, and this one is bad. Next time we go we are going to bring a rake to clean off our place on the beach, I wish you could launch down the road at Seal Beach, but the life guards there told me I couldn't even sail my boat over and beach it there.

Our first ocean launch was tricky. Normally there is very little surf at this beach, thanks to the break water, however our first launch was in about 3 foot surf. Not to difficult and kind of fun.

Fog rolled in thick and quick and before long we couldn't see the beach 100 yards away.

The second day was clear and warm with mild winds blowing from the south at about 10-15 mph. With no surf we where able to get the entire family on the boat. We sailed from the boat launch out past the oil islands and up the the Queen Mary and back. The trip took several hours. By the time we got back the afternoon winds really picked up. We dropped wife and little kids off at the beach and my oldest son and I went out to battle the winds and waves. Out side the break water with winds blowing at 20+mph waves breaking over the bows at 5', sailing was great and the Geteway did very well in the open water.

We plan to make this a yearly trip.


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