Hobie Getaway Spinnaker

Last summer I installed a spinnaker on my Hobie Getaway. I'll start off by saying that sailing with a spinnaker is super fun. It is challenging and rewarding.

Installing the spinnaker pretty strait forward, but the instructions provided by Hobie are basically useless. The Spinnaker kit is basically the hobie 16 kit with a few extra parts. Fortunately I got a great installation guide written by OttawaDave on the Hobie forums. I thought it might be useful to post the Hobie Getaway spinnaker instructions here.

Hobie Getaway Spinnaker Install Instructions

To install this kit I recommend getting a very good pop rivet gun. The stainless steel rivets are much more difficult to pop then the aluminum rivets from the hardware store. Get yourself one of these.

It took me about 4 hours to complete the install and I didn't get he spinnaker hound mounted as nicely as I would have liked. Here is what the boat looks like with the spinnaker flying.


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