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Fiberglass to Gel Coat on my Hobie 21

 I recently had a rather big repair on my Hobie21 Sport Curser. I drove 2000 miles to buy and pick up this rare boat and a few min after paying 8 grand cash for it I put a big hole in the side while pulling into a tight parking lot to grab some Chinese food, a garbage can jumped out, and hit my boat. I noticed the impact on the boat after we filled up on Chow Main and General Tsos Chicken.  I  was jonesing to take for a ride on on Tampa Bay before I made the 2000-mile drive back Home to Utah so I dropped by AutoZone and picked enough fiberglass and polyester resin to apply a makeshift patch.  Even though this was a temporary patch, I still gave the spot a good sanding and cleaning to make sure the 6 layers of fiber adhered. There is a lot of stress from the force of twist on the hulls of a catamaran and this temp patch not only looks terrible but likely introduced a weak spot in the hull.  So when I got the boat back to Utah I had to grind off the patch with a sanding disk attached to

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