Sailing Across the Pacific

We're bidding farewell to Cabo as we set our course for the Marquesas Islands. Our sails are unfurled, and Hiva Oa is our target. The idea of spending 21 days at sea has our kids feeling a bit apprehensive. How will we manage to get along? Will the elements be on our side? We start off at a leisurely pace and battle a touch of seasickness, but our determination to reach the Marquesas remains unwavering. We try our hand at fishing with some modest success, which helps keep our spirits high. Adjusting to this lengthy ocean voyage takes a bit of time, but we find solace in reading books, constructing Lego creations, and playing games to while away the hours. To make the night watches more interesting, we play games, and the winner gets to decide the watch schedule. We frequently hoist the spinnaker and relish the moments of smooth sailing.



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