5th Hobie-Cat H21SC

So I pulled the trigger on a H21SC and put my Hobie Getaway for sale. I actually hope the Getaway doesn't sell very quickly because I haven't sailed a H21. I'm really hoping the boat feels a little faster and has a little more capacity then the Getaway.

I started sailing long ago, at scout camp, on a little dingy. When I was in my early twenties, just after I got married I bought my first Hobie 16. Honestly the Hobie 16 was a disaster. Our first trip out was fun. In light wind we sailed out to the middle of Utah lake and slowly cursed around. However our second trip out was on Millsite Reservoir, near Farron Utah. The wind was blowing 20+ miles an hour and needless to say we ended up pitch polling the Hobie 16 multiple times, getting towed back to shore by a good Samaritan in a power boat. It took my wife a long time to trust me on a sail boat again. My next boat was something smaller that I would sail solo a Hobie 14.

If only I had the Hobie Getaway as my first Catamaran. However, as my family of 7 has grown we have actually grown out of the Hobie Getaway.  I actually don't think there is a perfect Catamaran for me. I would like a little more performance then the Getaway, I hope the H21SC give that to me.

I'm planning on taking it out for the first time in November in Long Beach if the weather holds.


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